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Assignment code: BCSL-013
Note: This assignment has ten questions of 80 marks. Answer all the questions. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. You may use illustrations and diagrams, printouts of the solutions to enhance explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation Section I: PowerPoint Assignment Question 1: 10 Make a Presentation for a Travel agency which would include the following topics: • Introduction on the Agency and its management • International Destinations • European Tours • Australian Tours • Asian Tours • Airline Information along with Fares Question 2: 10 Imagine that you are a Business development Manager in a software products company which has workflow management software. Create a presentation for the senior management which will present to them the Annual Sales and Revenue figures for the current financial year along with details on new prospective clients for the new financial year. Section II : Outlook 2007 Question 3: 5 Imagine that you are a Senior Consultant in an IT company. Initiate a Project Meeting between you and your Managers to discuss the different projects and their status details. How will the managers respond to you to accept or reject the meeting? Also book the conference Room and reserve other resources required for the meeting? Write all the options available in outlook to fulfill the scenario? Question 4: 5 In the above scenario, assuming that one of the managers is on leave on that particular day of the meeting and wants to reschedule the meeting. Is it possible to do this? If yes, how will this be done? Write all the options available in the outlook to fulfill the scenario? Section III: Browsing and Discussion Forum Question 5: 5 a) Open Internet Explorer. Add www.espncricinfo.com and www.Doordarshan.com to your favourites under two different folders. Now open Chrome and import your favourites from Internet Explorer. b) Set Chrome to always show bookmark bar. Note down the steps you followed. c) Change the default location (My Documents) where the browser downloads all the downloadable files. Set the browser to always ask where to save each file before downloading. Question 6: 5 Go to www.google.com. Select ‘Advanced Search’ option. a) Search for ‘latest information technology industry trends’. After initial search include ‘latest in software research’ OR ‘software thought leadership’ to the search criteria. b) Search for ‘Top Global Banks’ by technology, leadership, revenue, market and capitalization. Search for such banks in Europe. Question 7: 10 Collaborate online (in a group) on Google Docs to create a presentation on ‘Evolution of Cloud-Based Services’. All in the group should work on the presentation simultaneously from their respective machines. Use speaker notes for any online discussions. Section IV : Word Processor Question 8: 10 Create a Word document and type the text as given below. The headings, footer, formatting and layout should be as given in the following sample. The above sample text has been taken from the Organizational Research Paper by James E. Bartlett, Joe W. Kotrlik and Chadwick C. Higgins. Question 9: 5 Assume you are in the hiring department of a company. You need to send out appointment letters to multiple candidates, each with a different joining date. Create a single appointment letter and use mail merge to customize it with each candidate’s name, address, joining date and last date to accept the appointment Section V: Spreadsheet Question 10: 15 Create a new workbook with three worksheets named as “Super Store Sales”, “Region Wise Sales Report” and “Region Wise Profit Chart”. (i) Create table in Super Store Sales worksheet as shown below: You may use any Sales and Cost Values. Calculate the Profit as (Sale minus Cost) using Excel Function. (ii) Using the above data, create a Region wise Sales Report in the next worksheet. The report should look like as below: You will need to copy the data from previous worksheet to new worksheet. Remove or hide unnecessary columns. Sort the data region-wise and product category-wise. The Sales and Profit values should already be there. Add Region wise Total row and calculate the Region wise Total Sales and Profit using Excel function. (iii) Create a Region Wise Profit Chart in the next worksheet. The chart will be based on the above data only and will look like below:
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